The year 2009 was the birth of Adrenaline, an adventure club that was created by close friends with a passion for travel and adventure. The aim was to create a social and networking platform whilst encouraging young professionals with similar interests to travel and experience a variety of adventure activities offered in South Africa. In 2016, what was once a social club has now been given a new ‘life’ as Travel LAB South Africa, a professional, experienced and innovative inbound Tour Operating business that inspires domestic, regional and international travelers to immerse themselves in the splendor of our richly diverse country. We offer standard travel packages and we also invest our time and resources in an array of well researched, creative and tailor-made travel experiences that will leave you, as our guest, feeling excited, exhilarated and fulfilled.

At Travel LAB South Africa we have a passion for travel and we constantly strive for excellence in everything that we do. We believe that we have a key role to play in delivering on our brand promise of offering superior travel experiences to all travelers by:

  • Incorporating our extensive expertise and product knowledge of Southern Africa and creating unique, fresh and innovative travel packages that will suit your needs.
  • Tapping into our long standing working relationships with various tourism suppliers to ensure that we offer you the best rates for your travel.
  • Combining individual experiences and utilizing our years of travel, sales and marketing experience into understanding the tourism industry and the markets we service.
  • Constantly training our staff and creating a favorable environment for them to have the necessary tools to offer a personalized service.
  • Ensuring that we give you peace of mind by offering quick turn-around times and negotiating special rates therefore taking the hassle out of organising your own trips.
  • Ensuring that our travel partners use vehicles that are of high standard and are operated by qualified and knowledgeable drivers, hosts and tour guides.
  • Offering new and classic itineraries with a unique twist.


Travel LAB South Africa offers an array of services which include combining standard classic tours and specialized tours that are individually tailored to meet every client’s needs. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Tailor-made & specialized tours (Gourmet foods, craft beer, art, photography, motorbike & sport)
  • Adventure & team building excursions
  • Scheduled classic tours
  • Hosting of media, corporate & trade
  • Individual & group getaways
  • Airport & hotel shuttle services
  • Flights (in partnership with reputable Travel Agency)

Travel LAB South Africa is an exciting travel and tourism business with a strong emphasis on passion, excitement, fun and building long-term relationships with tourism stakeholders and our clients. As a business we offer specialised and professional services to enable our clients to enjoy the choice of experiences we tailor-make for them. We have highly experienced, knowledgeable and very passionate staff. We promise our clients unforgettable experiences that will create lifetime memories and we are proud to have the ability to deliver on those promises.